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Animatophone Syndicate

Primary Address
11 Denman Street
from March 1910

Additional Addresses
47-51 Kingsway
Craven House
from September 1909 until March 1910

Business Detail
Category: Kinematograph Apparatus and Accessories Manufacturer or Supplier
Type: Synchroniser Manufacturer
Capital: 5,000 (4,900 1 shares, 2,000 management 1/- shares)

Share prospectus issued 12 Oct 1909, in which principal revenue is to be derived from sale and hire of simplex synchronisers, sale and hire of animatophone films, special exhibitions. Estimated profits based on sale of 75 synchronisers for which three films per week are hired at 10s per week per subject equals 112 10s per week or 5850 per annum. Profits from sale of 75 synchronisers is 225, total 6075 per annum. Share prospectus issued 3 Feb 1910 indicates outlay of 936 for production of films, 721 for production of prints from negatives, 400 annual depreciation of films in stock. Arthur Cohn was replaced as director by George William Stotesbury. Original reg office 47-51 Craven House, Kingsway, moved to Denman st March 1910

Trading Information
Trading Dates: from 23 September 1909 until 29 September 1911.
Start Notes: Reg 23 Sept 1909
End Notes: EGM 29 Sept 1911, company could not continue and is to be sold to S Green and Company for the formation of a new company British Cinematographe Industries Ltd. 1st Nov 1911, wound up in High Court on the petition of EJ Heron, Pato and Raford Ltd (100 Hatton Garden) and B & C. New Animatophone Syndicate founded c December 1911

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Related People

Arthur Cohn (Director)
Harry Raymond Nathan (Director)
William Theodore Nichols (Director)
George William Stotesbury (Director)
Francis Alexander Thomassin (Director)


Bioscope (21 October 1909 p.35)
Bioscope Annual 1910-11 (p.384)
BT 31/12923/105075

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