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Kinematograph Year Book 1915

Source Details
Type: Book

Publisher: Kinematograph and Lantern Weekly
Publication Place: London

Date Reference: 1914

Referenced Venues

Referenced Businesses

?clair Film Co (p.423)
A H Syndicate Ltd (p.86)
A.C.L Feature Film Co (p.428)
A.C.L Feature Film Co (p.423)
A1 Features and Exclusives Ltd (p.94)
Accurate Check Taker Ltd (p.435)
Acme Film Trading Co (p.423)
African Films Trust Ltd (p.428)
Albion Cinema Supplies Co (p.429)
Albion Exclusives Ltd (p.428)
Albion Exclusives Ltd (p.87)
Alerta Exclusive Film Co Ltd (p.428)
American and Canadian Kinemtograph Development Syndicate Ltd (p.90)
American and Continental Film Co (p.423)
American and Continental Film Co (p.426)
American Co (London) Ltd (p.423)
American Film Releases (p.423)
Anderson's Film Agency Ltd (p.423)
Anderson's Film Agency Ltd (p.431)
Andrews Pictures Ltd (p.428)
Andrews Pictures Ltd (Allefex) (p.435)
Andrograph Manufacturing Co Ltd (p.90)
Apex Films Co (p.423)
Argus Film Service (p.428)
Artograph Co (p.428)
Artograph Co (p.435)
Arton's Film Service (p.429)
Arton's Film Service (p.94)
Aschberg, Hopwood and Crew (p.435)
Ashley Exclusive Films Ltd (p.429)
Australasian Films Ltd (p.430)
Auto-Kinema Shutter Co (p.435)
Autogramme Ltd (p.86)
Award Film Service (p.429)
B.B Pictures Ltd (p.429)
Barlaw Engineering Co Ltd (p.436)
Barnett Cinematograph Co Ltd (p.423)
Barway Press (p.436)
Beard, Robert R (p.89)
Beard, Robert R (p.436)
Besson & Co (p.436)
Bioscope Film and Supply Co Ltd (p.423)
Bioscope Film and Supply Co Ltd (p.89)
Bioscope Film and Supply Co Ltd (p.132)
Bishop, Pessers & Co Ltd (p.423)
Britannia Film Producing Co (p.443)
British Film Stock Co Ltd (p.436)
British Oxygen Co Ltd (p.436)
British Patent Surbright Screen Co Ltd (p.436)
British Thomson-Houston Ltd (p.436)
British Vacuum Cleaner Co Ltd (p.436)
British Vanoscope Syndicate Ltd (p.436)
Broadwest Films Ltd (p.94)
Brockmann. H (p.436)
Brown, Theodore (p.436)
Browne, H A and Co Ltd (p.168-168a)
Burns Film Co (p.429)
Busch, E, Optical Co (p.436)
Butcher, W & Sons Ltd (p.429)
C & E Films (p.443)
Capitol Film Co (p.429)
Cary and Co (p.436)
Central Feature Film Co (p.429)
Champion, John B and Sons (p.436)
Charing Cross Film Co Ltd (p.93)
Cherry Kearton Ltd (p.424)
Chocolate Automatics Ltd (p.88)
Cinema and General Supply Co (p.429)
Cinema Auction Mart (p.436)
Cinema Film Agency (p.429)
Cinema Halles Film Co (p.279)
Cinema Poster Exchange (p.436)
Cinema Revue Syndicate (p.86)
Cinema Sign Co (p.436)
Cinema Traders Ltd (p.436)
Cinematograph Novelties Ltd (p.91)
Cines Co of Rome (p.424)
Cinesupply (p.436)
City Exclusive Co (p.429)
City Exclusive Co (p.92)
Clarendon Film Co (p.436)
Clement Blake and Day (p.436)
Climax Ticket Machine Ltd (p.436)
Co-Operative Cinematograph Co Ltd (p.424)
Colorfilms Ltd (p.429)
Colour Photography (Foreign Patents) Ltd (p.87)
Commercial and Educational Film Co Ltd (p.85)
Continental Film Exchange (p.429)
Cosmopolitan Film Co (p.424)
Cricks and Martin (p.424)
Cross' Pictures Ltd (p.429)
Crown Film Hiring Co (p.429)
Crypto Electrical Co (p.436)
Cunard Films Ltd (p.424)
Curtis Manufacturing Co (p.436)
D'Almane & Co (p.436)
Dallmeyer, J.H Ltd (p.437)
Daring Film Co Ltd (p.88)
Davison's Film Sales Agency Ltd (p.107)
Day and Night Screens Ltd (p.437)
Day, Will Ltd (aka Will Day Kinutilities) (p.435)
Day, Will Ltd (aka Will Day Kinutilities) (p.428)
Denman Film Agency (p.429)
Dixon Film Co (p.429)
Dominion Cinematograph Co (p.429)
Dominion Exclusives Co (p.429)
Dominion Exclusives Co (p.132)
Eclipse Exclusives (p.429)
Electric Mirror Publicity Co Ltd (p.85)
Electrical Co Ltd (p.437)
Electrical Construction Co Ltd (p.437)
Electrical Engineering and Equipment Co (p.437)
Electrical Supplies Co (p.437)
English Film Company Ltd (p.168b)
Essanay Film Co (p.424)
ETH Ltd (p.85)
European Exclusives Ltd (p.130)
European Exclusives Ltd (p.430)
European Exclusives Ltd (p.91)
Excel Kinematograph Co (p.105)
Excel Kinematograph Co (p.424)
Excelsior Booking Agency/Excelsior Motion Picture Co (p.425)
Exclusive Feature Exch. Ltd (p.430)
Exclusive Supply Co Ltd (p.430)
Express Film Service Ltd (p.430)
Famous Players Film Co Ltd (p.425)
Far Eastern Film Co Ltd (p.92)
Far Eastern Film Co Ltd (p.430)
Favourite Films Ltd (p.425)
Feature Supply Co (p.430)
Fenning Film Service Ltd (p.430)
Film Libraries Ltd (p.430)
Film Preservatives Ltd (p.437)
Film Renovators Ltd (p.437)
Film Stock Co (p.437)
Film Trading and Advertising Co Ltd (p.94)
Films Ltd (p.430)
Fisher, R.J (p.423)
FMC Syndicate Ltd (p.85)
Foyle, W & G (p.437)
Francis Kinematograph Co (p.430)
Frank Newman Dreadnought Film Co (p.443)
Gaumont Co Ltd (p.425)
Gaumont Co Ltd (p.437)
Gaumont Film Hire Service (p.430)
General Cine Agencies (p.437)
General Cine Agencies (p.431)
General Electric Co Ltd (p.437)
General Film Agency (p.425)
General Film Agency (p.437)
George A Cooper Co (p.431)
George and Co (p.431)
Gerrard Film Co (p.425)
Globe Film Co Ltd (p.431)
Green's Film Service (p.431)
Griffisson Film Co (p.431)
Griffisson Film Co (p.106)
Grosvenor Exclusives Ltd (p.431)
Guilbert, G (p.437)
Hammond, A and Co (p.438)
Harma and Co (p.431)
Harper Electric Piano Co Ltd (p.438)
Harper Ticket-Issuing and Checking Machine Co Ltd (p.438)
Harris and Gillow (p.438)
Harris L A (p.439)
Hart, F.C (Biokestra) (p.438)
Hawkes and Son (p.438)
Haywood, W G and Co (p.438)
Hellenbrand, J (p.438)
Henderson's Film Service (p.431)
Hepworth Manufacturing Co Ltd (p.425)
Hepworth Manufacturing Co Ltd (p.438)
Hibbert's Pictures Ltd (p.431)
Home Film Supply (p.438)
Houghtons Ltd (p.438)
Howse and Co (p.438)
Hughes, W.C & Co (p.438)
Hummell, Maurice .F (p.438)
Ideal Film Renting Co (p.431)
Impartial Film Agency (p.431)
Imperial Film Agency (p.106)
Imperial Film Co Ltd (p.106)
Imperial Film Co Ltd (p.425)
Independent Film Exchange (p.431)
Indian and Colonial Supply Association (p.438)
International Cine Corp Ltd (p.425)
International Exclusives Ltd (p.431)
International Film Traders (p.431)
Invicta Film Co (p.431)
James Starr Exclusive Film Co (p.106)
Jamilly David (p.432)
Jury's Imperial Pictures Ltd (p.432)
Jury's Imperial Pictures Ltd (p.425)
Kamm, L & Co Ltd (p.438)
Kay, H Jack (p.432)
KB, Broncho and Domino Exclusives (p.432)
Keith Prowse & Co Ltd (p.438)
Kine Apparatus and Repairs Ltd (p.438)
Kinema Poster Mart (p.438)
Kinema Shooting Ranges (Europe) Ltd (p.88)
Kinematograph Exchange (p.438)
Kinematograph Trading Co Ltd (p.432)
Kineto Ltd (p.425)
Kineto Ltd (p.443)
Kino Ads Ltd (p.92)
Kirsch Baker Film Co (p.443)
Kodak Ltd (p.438)
Kylott Syndicate Ltd (p.88)
L & Y Films Ltd (p.106)
L & Y Films Ltd (p.86)
Langley Bros (p.438)
Lazarus, H & Son (p.438)
Lewis, G L (p.438)
Lloyd's Film Agency Ltd (p.432)
Lockwoods (p.438)
London and Provincial Film Renting Co Ltd (p.88)
London and Provincial Film Renting Co Ltd (p.432)
London Electrical Supply Co (p.438)
London Exclusive Co Ltd (p.432)
London Film Agency (p.432)
London Film Co (p.426)
London Independent Film Trading Co (p.432)
London Musical Comedy Productions Ltd (p.92)
London, Paris and Berlin Film Agency (p.432)
Lorings Ltd (p.432)
Lubin Co (p.426)
Lyon, James S (p.438)
Lyon, James S (p.440)
Lyons, A & Co (p.438)
M.P.Sales Agency (p.425)
MAC Film Co (p.432)
Magnet Film Hiring Co Ltd (p.426)
Magnet Producing Co Ltd (p.432)
Mansell Ltd (p.439)
Marion & Co (p.439)
Martin's Feature Films (p.432)
Martin, J.H Ltd (p.443)
Marvel Cinema Supply Co (p.439)
Marvel Film Co (p.432)
Mascot Film Renting Co (p.432)
McEnnery, James Syndicate Films (p.423)
McEnnery, James Syndicate Films (p.432)
Menchen Film Co Ltd (p.88)
Meteor Film Exchange (p.432)
Mexican Film Co (p.432)
Midland Film Co (p.432)
Minerva Automatic Machine Co (p.439)
Minerva Automatic Machine Co (p.283)
Monopol Film Co of Great Britain (p.432)
Moss' Empires Ltd (p.432)
Motograph Film Co Ltd (p.443)
Motograph Film Co Ltd (p.426)
Moving Advertisements Ltd (p.91)
Murdock Murdock and Co (p.439)
Mutual Exclusive Film Co (p.432)
My Aunt Syndicate Ltd (p.92)
National Cash Register Co Ltd (p.439)
National Film Manufacturing Co Ltd (p.439)
Natural Color Kinematograph Co Ltd (p.425)
Natural Color Kinematograph Co Ltd (p.439)
Nelson Evans (p.439)
Neptune Film Co (p.423)
Neptune Film Co (p.426)
Neptune Film Co (p.107)
Nesbitt's Animated Pictures Ltd (p.88)
New Agency Film Co (p.424)
New Bioscope Trading Co (p.433)
New Bioscope Trading Co (p.439)
New Era Film Agency (p.433)
New Majestic Co (p.423)
New Majestic Co (p.426)
New Times Film Service (p.433)
Newton & Co (p.439)
Non-Flam Ltd (p.87)
Nordisk Films Co (p.426)
Norris, Henty and Gardeners Ltd (p.439)
Omnifilm Co (p.431)
Overseas Film Co (p.433)
Oxford St Shooting Range Ltd (p.86)
Palmer, George (p.433)
Palmer, George (p.439)
Paramount Film Co Ltd (p.92)
Paramount Film Co Ltd (p.433)
Pasquali Film Co (Eng) Ltd (p.426)
Pasquali Film Co (Eng) Ltd (p.87)
Pearl Film Service (p.433)
Phillips Film Co (p.433)
Philograph Film Bureau (p.433)
Phoenix Dynamo Mfg Co (p.439)
Phoenix Film Agency (p.433)
Phoenix Film Agency (p.426)
Picture Advertising Co Ltd (p.94)
Picture Play Producers (p.443)
Pictureslide Co (p.439)
Pioneer Film Agency Ltd (p.433)
Pitters Ventilating and Engineering Co Ltd (p.439)
Pope's Electric Lamp Co. Ltd (p.439)
Power Feature Film Co (p.433)
Premiere Theatre Seating Co (p.439)
Prieur, R (p.423)
Pyrene Co Ltd (p.439)
Quick Title Film Service (p.439)
R.R Exclusive Film Exchange (p.434)
Rayne, H & M (p.439)
Regency Film Service Co (p.434)
Reliance Film Hiring Co (p.434)
Renters Ltd (p.87)
Renters Ltd (p.434)
Reynolds Film Agency (p.434)
Rigby, Robert (p.439)
Rosenberg, Oscar (p.427)
Ruffell's Exclusives Ltd (p.434)
Ruffell's Imperial Bioscope Syndicate (p.434)
Ruffell's Imperial Bioscope Syndicate (p.440)
Ruffell's Imperial Bioscope Syndicate (p.427)
Safety Bioscope Supplies Co Ltd (p.440)
Safety Bioscope Supplies Co Ltd (p.434)
Samson Film Co (p.434)
Samuelson Film Manufacturing Co Ltd (p.91)
Selig Polyscope Co (p.427)
Serra, G (p.424)
Serra, G (p.427)
Service Company (p.414)
Shaftsbury Film Agency (p.106)
Shaftsbury Film Agency (p.434)
Siemens Bros Dynamo Works Ltd (p.440)
Simmons and Co (p.440)
Sloan Electrical Co Ltd (p.440)
Standard Feature Film Co (p.434)
Stanley Film Agency (p.434)
Star Film Agency (p.434)
State Film Agency (p.434)
Stentophone Agency (p.440)
Stereoscreen Co (p.440)
Sturtevant Engineering Co Ltd (p.440)
Summit Films Ltd (p.90)
Tella Camera Co (p.440)
Thanhouser Ltd (p.426)
Theatrical and General Filming Co Ltd (p.434)
Thomassin & Co Ltd (p.440)
Topical Film Co (p.106)
Topicals Syndicate (p.434)
Trans-Atlantic Film Co (p.425)
Trans-Atlantic Film Co (p.423)
Trans-Atlantic Film Co (p.424)
Trans-Himalayan Film Co Ltd (p.92)
Tress Co (p.440)
Triumph Film Co Ltd (p.434)
Trythalls Ltd. (p.440)
Tyler Apparatus Co (p.440)
Tyler Film Co (p.425)
Unbreakable (Kinematograph) Film Syndicate (1914) Ltd (p.94)
Unbreakable (Kinematograph) Film Syndicate (1914) Ltd (p.440)
Uniform Clothing & Equipment Co (p.440)
Union Film Publishing Co Ltd (p.434)
United Kine Exclusive Film Co Ltd (p.435)
United Kingdom Films Ltd (p.435)
United Kingdom Films Ltd (p.427)
Universal Bureau Ltd (p.92)
Universal Film Co Ltd (p.427)
Universal Film Hiring Co (p.435)
Universal Screen and Equipment Co (p.440)
Universal Sign Works (p.440)
Urban, Charles Trading Co (p.425)
Urban, Charles Trading Co (p.427)
Utterton and Williams (p.440)
Variety Productions Ltd (p.86)
Victoria Dynamo & Motor Co (p.440)
Victory Feature Films Ltd (p.435)
Victus Exclusive Photoplay Co (p.435)
Walker's World Films Ltd (p.435)
Walter, J. Ltd (p.440)
Ward's Films Ltd (p.435)
Warner's Features Incorp (p.428)
Warwick Trading Co Ltd (p.440)
Warwick Trading Co Ltd (p.428)
Waygood Vacuum Cleaner (p.441)
West End Exclusives Ltd (p.93)
West End Film Corporation Ltd (p.85)
Western Import Co Ltd (p.423)
Westinghouse Brake Co Ltd (p.441)
Whitley & Basisto (p.441)
Wilkins, Fred & Bros Ltd (p.441)
Williams and Williams (p.441)
Williams Ltd (p.441)
Williamson Kinematograph Co Ltd (p.435)
Williamson Kinematograph Co Ltd (p.441)
Wilmot, Barnard and Co (p.441)
Wilson, James (p.424)
Wilson, Rae, Pixton & Co Ltd (p.441)
Winik's Feature Films Ltd (p.435)
Wisto Negative and Positive Stock Film Syndicate Ltd (p.93)
Wolfe and Hollander Ltd (p.441)
Wrench, John & Son (p.441)
Wright and Sons (p.435)
Wynne Taylor and Co (p.435)
XL Exclusive and Feature Film Co (p.435)
Yorkshire Cine Co (p.423)
Zimmerman, Chas & Co (p.441)

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